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DEC 2018 - JAN 2019

Carl Heyward / Akiko Suzuki

Gregory J. Rose / Macha Melanie

Margot Hartford / Mar Daines




Carl Heyward / Akiko Suzuki / Macha Melanie / Gregory J. Rose

mixed-media / INTENSIVES

Here is an example of Workshops organized by GAP :  

in 2016 they were 4 workshops conducted by 4 people...

Diverse media, celebrate the energies and potential 

of group expression :

CONTEMPORARY ART QUILTS & FIBER ARTS WORKSHOPWITH AKIKO SUZUKI / japan : is an award winning fiber artist whose practice has pioneered the forward movement of the Contemporary Art Quilt in Japan and throughout the world via exhibition and workshops. Surprisingly, the introduction of the Western traditional quilt to Japan took place only in the 1970's, adding another layer to the rich tapestry of Japanese and Asian interpretations of functional and ornamental fiber works.


Participants in this workshop will create panels for the completion of larger quilt and fiber works; learn hand sewing and machine techniques, collaborate on mixed-media works under the direction of Suzuki.


"We will create new free-style mixed-media quilts without limitation of technique, materials or tradition.Hand stitching or sewing machine techniques are available but most important is your attitude of openess and exploration; what you feel and the intention you bring to the workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring their own materialsand hand stitching tools, but are offered my own original stamped and dyed materials as well."


Saturday August 6 => 13h/16h

3 hour session - Fee: 75 euros


Sunday August 7 => 13h/16h

3 hour session - Fee: 75 euros


 *10 euro materials fee* ( covering the cost of antique kimono, organdy and other fabrics provided by instructor)

MOVING BEYOND THE CANVAS : THE BODY IN MOTION an ORGANIC TRAINING WORKSHOP with MACHA MELANIE / French dancer, choreographer and visual artist MACHA MELANIE is the newest addition to the workshop roster of GLOBAL ART PROJECT and joins us after extensive experience in collaborative dance and directed movement exercises whose aim is total involvement of the body, the senses and the creative impulses culminating in a liberating experience designed to inform the practice of any artist or anyone interested in the process of becoming a more "in-touch" creative being. If you can move you can take this workshop.


"This workshop is structured around a research project: that of a state being. It requires no technical expertise. Students follow the path of their own dance, through guided improvisations, we explore the infinite treasures of dancing (exterior space, inner space, the game of bones which slide inside the flesh, the sensitivity of the skin ... the exchange between the body and gravity, relative to the ground, air, music ...). Listening to our "dancing creature" allows you to be fully available to innovate! Once fluidity is found in the body through improvisations, it can be expressed in other ways (automatic drawing etc.)"


All levels of experience or interest in the arts are encouraged to participate.


Thursday August 18 => 11h/13h

2 hour session - Fee: 30 euros


Friday August 19 => 11h/13h

2 hour session - Fee: 30 euros

Join CARL HEYWARD / usa, as he leads participants in an afternoon of creative exploration using the materials at hand to produce mixed-media works of beauty and visual complexity.

His workshops in Italy, Mexico and the United States are highly attended sessions of hands-on investigations in painting, collage, print making and artists' books for creative people of all levels of experience.


Saturday July 30 => 13h/16h

3 hour session - Fee: 75 euros


Sunday July 31 => 13h/16h

3 hour session - Fee: 75 euros


Participants are encouraged to bring works-in progress and any personal materials they would like to use in the workshop. Instructor provides all necessary materials at no additional cost.

NEW DRAWING & PAINTING WORKSHOP GREGORY J. ROSE / usa: is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2000, and received his Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Minnesota in 2004 with a concentration in Drawing and Painting.Gregory has been teaching in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system since 2003 and is Fine Arts Faculty at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. "My work is rooted in how narrative intersects with collective memory. The use of fragments is attuned to the notion of scar tissue, with the combination of visual language co-opted from the urban landscape, and the history of abstraction in drawing and painting. Intimacy, in the moment of violence and intense energy, seems to be what really is the main vein running through my work."


Saturday August 13 => 13h/16h

3 hour session - Fee: 75 euros


Sunday August 14 => 13h/16h

3 hour session - Fee: 75 euros

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