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         "Masani continues the tradition of the artist

as  interpreter of the culture via its salvage and refuse;

discards and incidental detritus reconfigured into units of meaning,

magic and longing in the tradition of the "outsider artist" working

in her own vocabulary transforming the familiar into  commentary that combines the transfigurative power of the artist-as-shaman resulting in raw, carefully wrought objects

of undeniable depth and beauty marrying nature and manufacturing."

Carl Heyward


Global Art Project



N. Masani Landfair is a Found Object, Collage, and Mixed Media Artist from Chicago. A Professional Artist for over 15 years who won First Place in 2004 at the Museum of Science and Industry's Black Creativity Juried Exhibition and shown in several local galleries including the Historical South Side Community Art Center. She is apart of the Chicago's 12 curated by Sergio Gomez that showed at the Zhou B Art Center and the Garfield Park Conservatory. She served as an Artist in Residence at Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab and Sacred Keepers Youth Garden exploring Sustainable Living, Permaculture, and Public Art with the SKY Council Youth and Community around the Garden. Masani is a member of The Global Artist Project Directed by Carl Heyward. Her work is in private collections in the United State and Europe. She currently works and resides in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia.

“Born and raised in the South Chicago community, I grew up witnessing the decline of the steel mill and a parade of barges traveling to the mouth of the Little Calumet River. Witnessing rusting warehouses, machines, and other manmade structures surrounded by wild flora uprooting and reclaiming earth, I understood the havoc these industries had on the environment and grew to respect nature. In my home, objects and mementos were collected and displayed. A lot of items were repurposed and outside my bedroom window, an organic garden grew. This was the 70’s yet sounds like the revival that is occurring currently with the sustainable living movement. My work is a reflection of how I emotionally deal with seeing the man-made damage to our natural surroundings and the healing I experience as I merge permaculture, repurposing materials and public art. I know that Art and Sustainability are the basis that will positively project societal change.


My experience with Global Artist Project (GAP) has given me to be the space in sharing work and ideas, in a natural process that allows growth and motivation with other GAP artist. The fact that art comes first in GAP allows my creativity to be raw and in true form. I have adventured through the creative process with so many GAP artists from around the world and feel a close personal connection to them never having meet any of them, our work connects us on so many levels. Carl’s vision of a world artist collaborative that can create and encourage from any part of the world, is a rare and beautiful reality that I have been apart of for nearly 5 years. It is an experience that continues to grow with so much love and encouragement from all involved in GAP. "

N. Masani Landfair

Libra Virgo Rising 2014 N
Lone Touch 2015 N. Masani Landfair.
Always Everything lost found 2016 N. Masani Landfair.
NEW PATRON SAINTS V  N. Masani Landfair 2013.

featured GAP artist / dec 16


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