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akiko suzuki

AKIKO SUZUKI / Japan : is an award winning fiber artist whose practice has pioneered the forward movement of the Contemporary Art Quilt in Japan and throughout the world via exhibition and workshops. Surprisingly, the introduction of the Western traditional quilt to Japan took place only in the 1970's, adding another layer to the rich tapestry of Japanese and Asian interpretations of functional and ornamental fiber works.



2013 Quilt Nihon Exhibition “Seto Award” (Japan)

2010 Quilt Nihon Exhibition (Japan)

2006 Husqvarna Viking Contest (USA)

2005 American Quilter's Society (USA)

Pacific International Quilt Festival (USA)

2001 International Quilt Week Yokohama (japan)

2000 American Quilter's Society (USA)

International Quilt Week Yokohama Contest Award “Excellence” (japan)

Quilt Nihon Exhibition (Japan)

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