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 “I am a mixed-media artist with an interest in juxtaposition of imagery and themes through various media; there is something appealing to me in the combination of fractured or fragmented images that coalesce into something new and different especially in that the “rough-edges” of the units have meaning and can’t be broken down any further as “morpheme” in language; these visual units are then put together with other, often dissimilar morphemes producing something between the lines, so to speak; an alchemy beyond intention; the parts not distilled, but united with other units of visual meaning, information producing a higher plane of communication.”

GAP Members

Asya Abdrahman eritrea

Nadi Adatepe norway

Maria Allocco usa

Françoise Amossé france

Bel Angeles phil/can

Salma Arastu  usa 

Lynn Arnold usa

Brian Auerbach usa

Francis Beaty usa

Kat Bertolucci usa 

Stefano Cacciatore italy

Pat Calabro usa

Mario Catalano italy

Helen Cohen usa

Linda Coppens belgium

Flore Corriere france

Phil Coucke belgium

John Crabtree uk

Mar Daines france

Teri Dryden usa 

Antoinette Ellis-Williams usa 

Mikel Frank usa

Ana Gabino mexico

Bill Gian usa

Samson Gahoui senegal

Colleen Gianatiempo usa

Andréa D.Guerra usa

Christopher Harrison usa

Margot Hartford canada

Carol Heft usa

Carl Heyward usa

Kent Heyward usa

Jennifer Amy Homer-Hynes usa

Christopher Hunnicutt usa

William Jaggers usa

David Jenowe usa

Sandee Johnson usa

Francesca Lamberti italy 

MP Landis usa

Bea Last scotland

Monica Lisi italy

Kari Manwiller usa

Carmelo Marasciulo italy

Elise Marshall usa

Kristin Meuser usa

Macha Melanie france

Naomi Middelman switzerland

Emmanuel C. Montoya usa

Tina Morris uk

Mohamed Ndiaye senegal

Massimo Nota italy

Helene Öfwerstrom sweden

Chaewon Oh korea

Sarah O'Hala usa

Susumu Ohira japan

Léa Panelouchka france

Danilo Pastore italy 

Jennifer Perlmutter usa

Nancy Perry usa

Maryse Pique uk

Pamela Pitt usa

Tabas K Ray  usa

Robert Reed usa

Glen Rogers mexico

Gregory J Rose usa

Marino Rossetti italy

Isabel Ruiz Perdiguero spain

Alvaro Sánchez guatemala

Na Omi Judy Shintani usa

Usha Shukla india

Kate Simmons usa

Claude Smith usa

Akiko Suzuki japan

Christine Verhaert belgium

Catherine Warburton france

Mat Wolcott usa

Ron Weijers the netherlands

Syporca Whandal hungary

Heather Wilcoxon usa

Madeleine Wories usa

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