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Margot Hartford comes to Global Art Project after years behind the lens

of a camera paying fairly strict attention to the grid, formal pictorial concerns

and creating atmospheres pleasing to a variety of professional clients.


While these endeavors continue, Margot has expanded her artistic reach

through forays into mixed-media works on paper, encaustic workshops (which she conducts periodically in the SF Bay Area) exploding the grid producing, perhaps,

more soul-satisfying pieces combing her own photography, collage elements, paint, graphite pencils, transparencies, found objects and other mixed-media elements.


Her work is surreal and immediate, often thoughtful, sometimes spontaneous,

always created in response to the meeting of materials and mind.


Observing her trajectory is a  confirmation of the GAP concept of growth

through challenge and experimentation and welcome her to this interactive

community informing personal development and group cross-pollination.

Carl Heyward


Global Art Project / usa

After studying photography in her native country of Canada Margot made her way to Northern California in the mid 1990's. She stepped easily into the commercial world in San Francisco photographing for local magazines, universities and corporations. When the photography industry shifted from film to digital Margot found herself spending more and more time working on the computer and less time working with her hands.


As a break from the computer Margot started to experiment with painting, wax, and lighting. Her work has always been a mix of disciplines and materials, including encaustic (wax) painting, photography, abstract collages and hand-crafted lamps made from recycled objects.

Margot Hartford - mixed media artist
All About Eve
Runaway Bride
Berlin Chair Shop
The Swimmer
The Birds

MARGOT HARTFORD  (canada / usa)

Margot Hartford

Gallerie Renee Marie

Margot Hartford The Senegal Mask Series


Margot Hartford is a member of Global ART Project : the collaborative future working primarily in Northern California. During the past winter she trained her lens on the children of Dakar, Senegal living in the community called Toubab Dialaw. In the course of the GAP VII Senegal residency while documenting the developing works of the Collaborative Collective. Hartford created an outlet for her own creative investigations into people and places through the creation of whimsical masks and enlisted the children of the area that surround the Sobo Bade art compound to be willing models for the project. Some of the results are currently being exhibited at Gallerie Renee Marie in downtown Benicia, California April through June 2019.

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