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        "The deceptively simple mixed media works of Massimo Nota are,

finally, highly cerebral, studied meditations on existence whose

"meaning" is dictated by surprising  juxtapositions, seemingly random,

yet boldly communicative in dialog conducted between disparate visual

elements resulting in sometimes disturbing, sometimes comic observations,

cultural or political, existing, as he states "in pure thought"

...his hand drawn extensions of photographs which connect paper to paper,

for instance, create undeniable states of a skewed reality, perhaps surreal,

perhaps consciously child-like, that establish intriguing depictions demanding

entry into a personal narrative described by a thoughtful master colorist

...his collages are created after an excruciating  thought process that decry the impression of spontaneity resulting in seamless objects sublime and irresistible."

Carl Heyward


Global Art Project / usa



“My most recent artist research aims to reach a point of equilibrium emerging by putting side by side different languages, both purely visual and abstractly textual. A gaze that overlooks the purely semantic research and that achieve to overcome visual conventions to reach an higher, different, alternative meaning. Reconciling two dissonances - two seemingly incompatible opposites - to lead (the subject) into a state of an art that is purely mental so that it overcomes the conceptual for an “esthétique intellective" which essentially is alive in pure thought"

Massimo Nota

Massimo NOTA
Massimo NOTA
Massimo NOTA

featured GAP artist / January 2017


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