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LAURA OH / South Korea

Laura OH mixed-media quilt co-lab with Carl Heyward GAP I VENICE 2014

Laura Oh is a founding member of Global Art Project

whose contact with the transient nature of existence does not settle,

can not settle, for conventional conclusions nor convenient readings of the miracle and  complexity of our physical existence; the journey called life.


The spirit of her work perhaps might best be read as establishing the ground between our perception of this world and possible others which include meditations on the persistence of  breath and the lineage of memory  which seeks to hold on to a fabricated narrative fostering connection, security, family, emotion; of being and the necessity to maintain these mythologies toward both understanding and

avoiding the collision of the inevitable knowledge

of the insubstantial nature  of these faulty notions.

"The act of making art is the only way of healing myself.

It is the road I've chosen to survive in this world.

Just ​l​ike everybody else, I am surrounded by fluidity such as death,

time,​ memory, the void and anxiety. I am not trying to find answers here.

I only want to heal myself in time,​ and by piling up my life stories,

I want to get close to my genuine self that has been hiding deep inside of me."

Laura Oh




​Lives and works in Seoul, Korea

mixed-media fiber artist​

Laura Oh
Laura OH
Laura Oh
Laura Oh
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