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Now on View in Argentina

The exhibition bridges the gap of time space and distance in an exhibition created out of the International Frag Exchanges of members of GLOBAL ART PROJECT, a group of 75 working artists operating in 17 countries collaborating toward the creation of new works and opportunities within and outside of the traditional gallery-museum system in artist generated actions.

GAP / frag ( Project ):

frags: the fragments, the raw materials that might become elements of mixed-media collages or paintings...torn found papers, billboard-tears, fabric, canvas and throw-away's that are given new life by another thing new; a way to collaborate via the mail and internet as well as in-person... mixed-media work derived from the exchange between members of Global Art Project; relinquishing responsibility or ownership going beyond the original intention of an image or idea broken down into fragments (frags) resulting in a deconstruction, a re-ordering of the visual universe into new ways of seeing.


FRAGS & FLARDEN submission Teri Dryden kentucky  with frags from Carl and Akiko usa / japan and Michele Atkinson canada 24 x 18 inches mixed media


May 7-30, 2023 Lecce , Italy

Global ART Project : the collaborative future

Lecce is situated in the farthest southern Italian Puglia region in the toe of the boot and is a medieval baroque jewel with many supportive friends and  area artists that GAP has cultivated over the years. 

Art Residency : workshops, demonstrations, community art actions, performance, The YES Lecce ! exhibition of member's works, solo and collaborative studio time, talks at area art universities and centers, invitations to serve as Puglia area resident guest artists by invitation ... GLOBAL ART PROJECT: "promoting the creative intelligence of the international arts community since 2013."

For the better part of this year GAP has  been in negotiations with a group of exceptional Belgian artists who, in the course of our conversations, have looked at several options as to how we might collaborate, interact and share practice and projects. These artists, Ils Lambrichts, Eline Ouwendijk, Frédérique Rennuit (aka Harrys Shades), Marianne Van Herreweghe, Anke Vielfont and Ingrid Westhovens have been greatly influenced by the GAP Frag Exchange Project creating a number of ongoing exhibitions and projects resulting in compelling sculptural, assemblage and mixed media collaborative works in Lier, Belgium. The fruit of our conversations has coalesced to produce: FRAGS & FLARDEN (the tattered remains of dreams) : an exhibition which resonates with the essence of the GAP International Frag Exchange Project; recycling discards, refuse, "failures", left overs, scraps and bits, billboard fragments, notes, journal writing, poems, found materials, bus transfers -- the fragments of practice and the culture, passing them on to another and allowing the creation of new work that would never exist without a generosity of perception and a collaborative spirit. WHAT : FRAGS & FLARDEN exhibition WHEN: 9 September - 29 October, 2023 WHERE: Gallery Artisjok Lier, Belgium GLOBAL ART PROJECT exhibiting artists: Michele Atkinson canada Chaewon Oh korea Sandee Johnson usa Helen S. Cohen usa Phil Coucke belgium Ale Feijo argentina Nancy Perry usa Naomi Middelmann switzerland Mikel Frank usa Teri Dryden usa Helene Öfwerström sweden Phoenix Savage usa Kari Manwiller usa Mar Daines. france Saeed Dokhani iran / usa David Jenowe usa Linda Coppens belgium / spain Elise Marshall usa Lynn Arnold usa Massimo Nota italy Glen Rogers mexico Michael Shemchiuck usa Phil Coucke belgium Sarah O'hala usa Francesca Lamberti italy Juan Manecheca caribbean Colleen Gianatiempo usa Pamela Pitt usa Sandra Bastida argentina Christine Verhaert belgium Patricia Calabro usa Tapak K Ray india / usa Akiko Suzuki usa/japan Carl Heyward usa

Teri Dryden   kentucky usa

strange brew (1).jpg






features GAP members and our simpatico  guests spotlighting individual works produced during 2023 in a return to the Live Worms Gallery and an exhibition in 2015:

Alvaro Sanchez

William Jaggers

Akiko Suzuki

Vera Tchikovani

Yari Ostovany

Michael Shemchuk

Carl Heyward 


Michael Shemchuk

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